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My name is Martin Hauser, and I’ve taught Political Science, International Politics, and Research Design and Methodology at San Francisco State University, U of Iowa, U of Minnesota, Florida State U. and the Univ. of California, Davis. I was the Principal Investigator of the Innovative Learning Project in The Behavioral and Social Sciences for The California State University and College System and The Mideast Peace Research Institute in Berkeley. In addition, I was Co-chairman of the Youth for Robert F. Kennedy in the Southeast and Deputy Director of the Texas Field Staff for the Carter-Mondale campaign in 1976. I was honored to be selected as one of “Fifty World University Leaders,” for a Summer-long intensive Seminar in Israel in 1973.  As for my politics, I am proud to call myself a Bobby Kennedy-type liberal-a pragmatic liberal. Hence the name of this blog: I was active in The Civil Rights Movement, The Farmworkers Struggle and taught in Viet Nam “Teach-ins.” I taught in several Peace Corps Training Programs.