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Posted on Sep 30, 2015 in Donald Trump, Elections-U.S., Foreign Policy Issues, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Middle East, Public Opinion Polls, Republican Party, Social Issues: Gun control, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Donald Trump’s Blames.


Trump seems to blame everything that goes bad on someone else. He’s non-stop in his blames of Obama, most of his Republican competitors for the nomination, Hillary, China, Japan, Mexico, and of course The Media, for a number of Donaldsins–but he’ll be the greatest diplomat we’ve ever had. Here’s just a sampling of his blames:

Obama: for the riots in Baltimore; for Ebola in the U.S.; for “intentionally letting an American soldier rot in a Mexican jail”; for Russia beating the United States in the Olympics; for high oil prices (“OPEC leaders are laughing at us); for (along with Mental Illness)  the Virginia Shootings; for the Seattle Seahawks losing final play call in the Super Bowl; for poor race relations in the U.S.; (Trump accused Obama of being a Muslim, then he blamed Obama) for the audience’s questioner for being a plant; Hillary: for ISIS; For his own birtherism stance; for starting the birther movement; for blaming him for the Charleston riots (which she didn’t); for Univision for pulling his Miss USA and Miss Universe shows (due to his own  menstruation comment–see below); for him losing a big contract with Macy’s.

China: for the market mess (general); After the market crash in August (along with politicians” and “Our Leaders”) ; for “taking our money” and “our jobs”; For “the greatest single theft in the history of the United States.”: for climate change;  for the fact that Trump ties, Trump cufflinks and even Trump teddy bears come with a “Made in China” label; for U.S. Export woes (Chinese currency manipulation);  Japan: for taking our wheat and selling us millions of cars; Mexico, Mexicans or Hispanics (illegal immigrants); For Ferguson and St. Louis; For Chicago violence; for “thugs” beating a homeless man in Boston; for sending man-eating hammerhead sharks to the United States;(Along with Blacks) For 80% of the shootings in New York; For low wages and unemployment in the U.S.; for bringing “tremendous infectious diseases” to the U.S.; for drugs; for sending us rapists; for “thousands of killings” like Kate Steinle (the young woman murdered in S.F).

Sterling’s “Girlfriend from Hell”: for Donald Sterling’s (former owner of the L.A. Clippers) racist remarks that got the NBA to suspend his ownership; Women’s menstruation: for a debate moderator asking him questions about his own words (this one got him disinvited to a Conservative conference in Atlanta); The Media: The most recent was for “losing  the ‘endorsement’ of Tom Brady–they were just trying to “get the clicks”; for his own foreign policy ignorance gaffes, not even recognizing the names of the leaders of the Mideast’s key players, confusing the Kurds with Quds (while being interviewed by conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt–whom he then attacked as a “third rate radio announcer”); for accusing him of being “Sexist”; for publicizing the RNC’s leaking of a call (and then the RNC’s chairman for “lecturing him”); because “it doesn’t matter what the media writes as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass”; Megyn Kelly: for his own insults to women; Fox moderators: for “unfair questions”–which led to his “chaotic performance in the first Republican debate”; Chris Wallace: for asking about his Casino bankruptcy; France’s gun laws: for the Charlie Hebdo massacre; Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge): for the paparazzi’s sneaky photo of her going topless, and publication of same embarrassing the Royal Family (“Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing,”); Forbes magazine: for embarrassing him by pointing out that he had exaggerated his net worth by 100%; His intern: for a campaign poster that had used as supposed American soldiers a photograph of soldiers that were actually Nazi’s dressed in Waffen-SS garb.

Senator McCain: for Trump’s own inflammatory remarks questioning McCain’s military record; for insulting veterans (which he didn’t); Jeb Bush: For the recession in Florida; For liking illegals because of his wife; Ben Carson: for being “childish” (suggesting that he should drop out of the race); Carly Fiorina: for his insulting the way she looked and relating that to her qualifying to be President.

The list goes on and on. There also is a list of Donald’s implied retributive threats to just about anyone moderator/interviewer/commentator who has asked hom questions that he thinks are unfair. Some say they like Donald Trump for his strong ego. To me, his blames and threats are proof of the opposite.

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