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Posted on Aug 6, 2016 in Democratic Party, Donald Trump, Eastern Europe, Foreign Policy Issues, Hillary Clinton, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, President Obama, Republican Party, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Crimea | 0 comments

Trump’s post-conventions slump–He is seemingly his own worst enemy as Hillary surges!


 Trump’s post-convention 6 point bounce was wiped clean as Hillary emerged from the Democratic Convention with a 6 to 9 point lead, according to most polls. One reason was the well produced program that the Demos put on. Part of it was due to Trump’s own continued poor judgment, his foot-in-mouthitis as he chose to denigrate a gold star mother who son, Capt. Humayun Khan, heroically gave his life in Afghanistan saving others during a suicide bombing. As usual Donald was his own worst enemy. Not only did Trump, who never served in our military himself, insult Mrs Khan and her religion, but he doubled down the next day, expanding his attacks on the Khans. This quickly drew the vocal ire of most mainstream Republicans and veterans throughout the country. The Veterans of Foreign Wars joined in the condemnation of Trump, as they, too, wondered about whether such a man could be qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. As if that wasn’t enough, Trump took on fellow Republicans Sen. John McCain and Speaker Paul Ryan by pointedly refusing to back them their re-election races.
More and more Republicans, already uncomfortable with Trump’s seemingly pro-Russian foreign policy statements, in the face of his on-going bumptious, unpresidential antics, have since announced their support for Hillary. Some simply said they would not cast a vote for Trump. A growing number of observers now see  Trump’s fragile ego needs as a negative. Put simply, Donald, seemingly has to strike out against anyone who says anything negative about him, with vindictive, personal attacks in his now too familiar bullying manner. One such recipient of this kind of attack was Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spoke at the Democratic Convention, calling fellow New Yorker Trump “a con.” Fellow billionaire Bloomberg, who is low average in height, became “Little Michael,” and Trump basically threatened to get even with him down the road. This kind of behavior by Donald Trump is making a lot of influential people uncomfortable. A growing list of 23 Generals and Admirals have since declared for Hillary because they now consider The Donald a security risk and temperamentally unsuited to be in control of our nuclear arsenal.
With things reportedly falling apart in the Trump campaign, senior Republicans sought to minimize the damage and participate to a greater extent, in an effort to tighten up his policy statements and keep Donald on message attacking Hillary and not offending so many other Republicans. Accordingly, Donald did a fairly quick about-face and announced his support for Paul Ryan in his congressional race. Trump also, finally, recanted on his widely derided assertion in the past week that a picture he claimed was provided to him by the Iranians to embarrass President Obama was that of a plane coming to pay the Iranians 500 million dollars to effect the release of four American hostages in January. The picture was easily discovered by the media to be that of the detainees getting off a plane in Switzerland. No matter, Donald is back at his claim using a different ambiguous picture. If, indeed, the Iranians were working through Donald Trump to effect their own propaganda attacks, one would have to wonder if the Ayatollah has joined Putin and Kim Jong Un in what Ronald Reagan would have called “an axis of evil,” in order to support Trump’s well-known affinity for isolationist foreign policies. He has urged, or hinted at breaking up alliances woven by every president since Word War II. This would practically invite expanded Iranian expansionist ambitions in the Middle-East, Russia to move on western Ukraine, North Korea to militarily move to take Japanese controlled islands, and China in their efforts to seize atolls and small islands in the South China Sea, as well as encroach on currently recognized offshore boundaries in the region. Trump’s foreign policy positions, along these lines, no doubt, influenced former CIA Director, Michael Morell, in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, to describe Trump as an “unwitting agent” of Putin. On the domestic front, Donald did, however, pick up an endorsement from a (hopefully) unwanted source. The head of the American Nazi Party claimed that a Trump presidency presented “a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon…”

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